Tonks & the Aurors

the Bruce Springsteen of Wizard Rock

Chicago: April 2015

BadFicLove2 Tonks & the Aurors is always looking for cool new opportunities to partner with people in the arts around the US (and internationally!). This year, we were approached with something awesome, and couldn't say no. In April we'll be playing wizard rock before a few performances of a brand new play that focuses on some of the best and worst parts of fandom: crack fanfic

Tonks & the Aurors will be playing 30 minute sets before 3 performances of Strange Bedfellows Theatre's BADFIC LOVE at the Den Theatre in Chicago. T&tA will play at 7:00 before the show, and sell merch at each performance April 16 - 19.

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Show Dates: April 16 at 7pm April 17 at 7pm April 18 at 7pm