Tonks & the Aurors

the Bruce Springsteen of Wizard Rock


Tonks & the Aurors is a wizard rock band (music about Harry Potter) created and fronted by Steph Anderson. Since 2007, Tonks & the Aurors has traveled the North America and Europe playing in libraries, bookstores, and nerd conferences and has released five full-length albums and an EP.


Recently, Steph has expanded her “Muggle” discography to include an additional album and three EPs featuring songs that draw inspiration from The Hunger Games series, Rick Riordan’s
Percy Jackson series, John Green’s books, and even The West Wing. 


Tonks for the Memories (2009)

Gods & Monsters (2011)  [Percy Jackson]

Bartlet for America (2012) [The West Wing]

Un-Iroinic Enthusiasm (2013) [John Green]

Full Length Albums

The Pink Album (2007)

The Hogsmeade Diaries (2008)

We Are Magic (2009)

Like a Metronome (2011) [Muggle Album]

A Familiar Beat (2012)