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Summer Tour Fundraiser!

Hello, Friends! This summer we will be touring with Justin Finch-Fletchley and Kirstyn Hippe! To prepare for another summer of fun and love about books, we've started fundraising!

In an effort to get creative with our fundraising, we’ve partnered up with Out of Print Clothing for something that I think a lot of our fans are going to absolutely love. Use the code WIZARDROCK when checking out and 1. You will get FREE SHIPPING 2. Tour will receive 30% of whatever you buy! 3. A book will be donated to Books for Africa

We decided to partner with Out of Print because they make clothing, accessories, and jewelry exclusively about the books we love, and we’re fans ourselves! So, help us get the chance to spend another on the road seeing you, and get cool stuff!

Go to Out of Print now to check it out!

As always, our fundraisers go directly towards our rental vehicle and gas to get us started on tour. Our initial first goal is $500, which will get us part of the rental car...but I know you guys can do better than that! OOP Image2