Tonks & the Aurors

the Bruce Springsteen of Wizard Rock

New Album: "We Are Magic"

I come bearing exciting news today! You may have heard this on Twitter or Facebook already, but the formal announcement of the title of our third full-length album has been announced. The album is going to be called We Are Magic and will definitely be finished by wrockstock, if not a little bit before. (The timing depends on how long it takes to mix and duplicate the album.)

If the album is finished and printed before Wrockstock, I will definitely ship out pre-orders before Wrockstock, but I'm currently unsure how long it's going to take to finish mixing the rest of the album. I can promise that pre-orders will be mailed out the week after wrockstock at the very latest.

Now that we've got a name, here's the important stuff:

Pre-Ordering Pre-Ordering for We Are Magic has begun! There are a couple benefits to pre-ordering. One is that you save $2 off of the normal cost to have the album mailed to you! Also, if you are planning on attending Wrockstock, you can save $2 on the live price of a CD and be guaranteed a copy. I'm cutting off Wrockstock Pre-Orders at 40 just because it's already going to be a chore for the merch room to figure this out! The album may sell out at Wrockstock, so if you want to be guaranteed a copy, I'd recommend reserving it now. But do not worry, if you want to wait until Wrockstock, you totally can!

Are you confused yet? It's ok, this is a bit complicated. The bottom line is: 1. If you are going to Wrockstock and want to be guaranteed an album pre order NOW. 2. If you are NOT going to Wrockstock (and I won't be playing near you soon), and you want to save $2 pre-order NOW.

Pre-Ordering will end October 23. After that date the price will go up! Wrockstock Pre-Ordering will end whenever I hit the cap of 40.

Wait! Is We Are Magic going to be on iTunes?! Yes! When I send the album to the duplicator I will also put it on iTunes. However, it takes 1-2 months to get an album on iTunes. If the album gets printed in late October, it will be on iTunes sometime in November or December.

Questions? I know this has been slightly confusing, so feel free to post any questions here and I'll answer them!