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Limited Edition EP Released Today!

Limited Edition EP Released Today! Hey Everybody!

I posted a note about this a week ago on my personal Facebook, and the response was a resounding YES, so I have decided to release a limited edition EP of songs I wrote and recorded a few years before I started Tonks & the Aurors. Last week was the 5 year anniversary of releasing my first album, which I wrote and recorded right out of high school all by myself. I've been contemplating re-recording some of the songs, but before I revisit them, I want to give you all the opportunity to hear them as they were originally produced. The songs are imperfect, my voice is still a pretty new instrument to me, but the songs are quality, and I think they all capture a really intriguing moment in time.

This EP will only be available via and will never be on iTunes. All copies will be hand made by me, and limited edition. I do not plan on officially releasing these songs again after January 1, do not miss out on this opportunity. I hope you enjoy the album, and get a kick out of hearing what I was doing 5 years ago.

Here's the official information I've released on the website.....


“Parklawn Drive EP”

Parklawn Drive was an album written and recorded the summer after Steph graduated high school, released Thanksgiving Day 2004. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of this release, we’re weeding out the rough tracks and repackaging it as a limited edition EP. Less than 30 copies exist of the original album, and this EP will not be put on iTunes, so your only chance to get a copy is through this site. You have ONE MONTH to order (Dec 1-Jan 1), orders placed before December 15 will ship in time for the holidays (international orders may delay). After December 15, there is no guarantee your order will ship in time.

The EP features 7 original tracks, the way Stephanie originally recorded them in her bedroom and bathroom. Tracklisting is: 1. Hold 2. State Street 3. Red Dress 4. Getting to Heaven 5. Lift 6. Don Johnson 7. Forever

We’re releasing this EP as is, because it’s a unique look at a specific time in Steph’s life, and allows for a peek at what kind of “muggle” music Steph produced before Tonks & the Aurors

If you would like to preview some of the tracks off of this EP, visit

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