Tonks & the Aurors

the Bruce Springsteen of Wizard Rock

Cleveland ConCoction!

taglogo Con booking #2 is here! Cleveland, look out, because in May I'm tearing up your streets with some nerds.

As usual, our show is included with a con registration, and prices are SUPER reasonable! Come hang out with some awesome people and get a rock show all in the same weekend!

Register now at ConCoction's website!

I certainly hope the heart of WIZARD rock and roll is still beating in cleveland!

Odd Mall!

Oddmall-2014-Header2 Ever wondered where the greatest collection of nerd stuff that you can look at, enjoy, and even buy, all for no entry fee is? Guess what, it's at ODDMALL.

This May, we'll be playing OddMall with the best of the best in cosplay, filk, rock music, video games, comicbooks, and more.

Check out everything you need to know about ODDMALL OHIO on the web! Did i mention it's FREE?!

Save money! Get awesome shirts!

Now is the time, wizards and witches! We need to clear out our inventory of all these shirts from last year's tour to make way for NEW amazing shirt designs! That's right, we have unisex AND ladies shirts as low as $10! TEN DOLLARS! And we ship internationally! Don't miss out! Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 12.31.31 PM