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Save money! Get awesome shirts!

Now is the time, wizards and witches! We need to clear out our inventory of all these shirts from last year's tour to make way for NEW amazing shirt designs! That's right, we have unisex AND ladies shirts as low as $10! TEN DOLLARS! And we ship internationally! Don't miss out! Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 12.31.31 PM

Super Secret Announcement

A long time ago, in a city called Ann Arbor, MI...a young, fresh faced new wizard rocker printed her first batch of t shirts. Years later, in a city called Lebanon, OH...that same girl found her self with a batch of these shirts left. The design was brilliant, and well executed, but she found she no longer had room to carry them around to shows. This is how the SUPER SECRET SHIRT SALE 2010 was born! 0601101335In an effort to clear out back stock, but make sure anyone who wants and/or needs one of these shirts before they are retired, I'll be selling the Original "Wolf Heart" design shirts (in hot pink and sapphire blue) here on the website until JUNE 11 at Midnight EST. Shirts will cost $15 and shipping is included in that price! These will ship before I leave for tour, so you'll receive your shirt in late June.

Go HERE to jump on the super secret band wagon!

Purchasing Albums Old & New

Wotcher, Aurors! The Summer has now come to a close, and I have to say we had a pretty phenomenal time, and hope you did too. Aside from rocking out at LeakyCon, busting a groove 80s style in Cinci, and seeing so many of our amazing friends, I've been putting pen to paper and writing a new album!

The NEW Album YES! IT'S TRUE! Tonks & the Aurors' 3rd Studio length album will be released THIS FALL. I know for sure it will be finished for Wrockstock, but I'm hoping that I can get it done before that. Pre-orders will run October 5-25 for a discounted price!

What's the album's title? I have no idea right now. Buuuut I've got ideas, and as soon as I've settled on one, you'll all know. I guess I have until October 5 to make a decision.

Are there songs released yet? Yes! You can hear "Mr. Springsteen" now on myspace and even buy it off You can also see a video of the song "The Radio" here:

Purchasing Albums from Paypal Where can we find the album Paypal Links? You will find all paypal links now at This is also where you'll find the paypal links for album presales starting October 5.

Shows We've got AMAZING shows coming up this fall! PLEASE come out and see us! October 3-ARCHON::Collinsville, IL October 20-Ann Arbor District Library::Ann Arbor, MI October 22-Plymouth District Library::Plymouth, MI November 8-WROCKSTOCK::Potosi, MO November 11-Monica's House::Lebanon, OH November 12-TBA::Ypsilanti, MI November 14-Freya's House::Pittsburgh, PA

Anyway, I hope to see you out and about this fall, and I'm excited to let you all hear the new album!

As always, you can get at me via or

Werewolf Nuzzles, Steph